Services Strategy

It starts with a question: What does a brand want to be?

Setting a strategy depends on an understanding of where we want to be before we can determine how to get there. The strategy process at UNION begins with an immersion into a brand’s overall vision, challenges and objectives. We then analyze the market landscape and the journey the customer takes to engage with the brand.

Building off of our understanding of the brand and insights into their market and consumer, our team crafts strategies that fully leverage the opportunities the digital space offers. These strategies help guide the brand towards their overall vision and create enduring relationships with their consumers.


Consumer Segmentation & Persona Development

In a digital marketplace, correctly targeting consumers ensures you are getting the most out of your investment. By identifying consumer similarities UNION can define a brand’s various audience segments. We then craft personas of those segments and implement unique messaging and tactics that speak directly to those consumers.

Consumer Research

Knowing your customers, what they care about and how best to reach them is the cornerstone of meaningful brand engagement. We immerse ourselves in research to understand what the customer values, their challenges and needs, and the best methods to engage that customer. By understanding what is most relevant, we can create impactful campaigns and experiences.

Market Landscape Research

The digital market allows brands to compete at a more level playing field than ever before. Our team analyzes a brand’s position and potential in the marketplace, as well as the competitive landscape, clarifying strategy and identifying opportunities that drive growth and brand awareness.

Ecosystem Planning

A brand’s interaction with consumers takes places across a multitude of platforms and resources within a digital ecosystem. By first mapping that ecosystem, its touchpoints and audience perceptions, UNION generates a comprehensive plan to organize a brand’s digital assets into a stronger, more coordinated digital presence.


In a crowded digital marketplace, brand messaging cannot just simply stand out to consumers. It must also resonate and inspire. Our team works with a brand to create thoughtful messaging that aligns the brand’s story with their targeted audience, distinguishing itself and forging meaningful relationships with consumers.

Content & Communications Planning

While digital marketing allows a brand to make content adjustments more quickly it can be a challenge to maintain consistency throughout long-term strategies. This disorients the consumer and undermines branded campaigns. To ensure content consistency and timeliness across platforms, we create comprehensive plans that unify messaging, forecast relevant content and harness the power of search.

CRM Planning & Implementation

Successful brands don’t just engage users, they move customers towards their brand based on an understanding of individual consumers. Our team identifies consumer signifiers and touchpoints then utilizes CRM tools (Hubspot, Eloqua, Marketo, Pardot, etc.) to track those touchpoints. A carefully implemented CRM is the first step towards a 1-to-1 marketing approach that drives consumer confidence and loyalty.