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    Nation's Largest Full-Service Aesthetics Company

    Sona MedSpa is the nation’s largest full-service aesthetics company, with 20 corporate locations in Arkansas, North Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia. Since 1997, Sona has been committed to using the industry's most advanced technology to provide treatments for hair removal, skin improvement and body contouring. Known for providing exceptional customer service in a comfortable spa-like atmosphere, the Sona brand has become synonymous with luxury and elegance.

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      Challenges & Objectives

      While Sona MedSpa has a reputation for exceptional service and state-of-the-art technology, its website did not reflect this. Over time, the site had become outdated and wasn’t showcasing the quality and variety of services offered by Sona.

      Sona needed a fresh, modern design that would bolster its brand image and seamlessly translate Sona’s best-in-class customer experience to an online environment.

      • Men/Women


        With males representing only 5-10% of Sona’s customer base, they wanted to increase male conversion rates.

      • Geolocation


        Sona had difficulty standardizing promotions and pricing across various store locations.

      • Location Specific

        Location Specific

        Sona wanted to increase local market lead generation.

    • Women's Care Men's Care

      Hers...and His

      Men and women are very different and, as such, their aesthetic needs are going to be very different. In order to cater to the different needs of both groups, we separated each of these service offerings. From the design to the copy, each section is tailored to that specific demographic.

    • Geolocation


      The new website uses a geolocation feature to identify the user’s current location and provides an experience tailored to that location. On the previous site, a user’s first interaction with the brand was selecting their state and location. Now users are automatically assigned a location and can begin browsing the services. The phone number and promotions are dynamically updated based on that location.

    • Location

      Location Specific

      In order to increase local market lead generation, we created location-specific landing pages. In addition to significantly improving the SEO, it also drives customers to the most relevant store locations and creates a much better user experience.

    The Details

    In order to better educate potential customers about the services they offer, we created individual pages for each service. By breaking these services out to their own pages, we were able to provide a much more in-depth treatment for each service. This provides customers with all of the information they need rather than having them call to learn more about the services.

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    Elevating the Stature of the Brand

    The new website is clean and modern, featuring bold imagery with intuitive navigation. The design elevates the stature of the Sona brand by bringing the brand's luxurious spa-like experience to life online and encourages users to explore the service offerings.

    Sona MedSpa Sona MedSpa
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    Fully Responsive

    With more than 50% of websites being accessed on mobile devices, it is imperative that websites today are not only functional on desktops and laptops, but that they also provide an exceptional user experience on mobile devices, iPads and tablets. To accommodate this, we used responsive design techniques that allow the website to adapt to any device, regardless of screen size.

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    The Results

    The result is a modern, elegant website that effectively elevates the Sona brand and seamlessly translates their best-in-class customer experience to an online destination, regardless of the device being used.

    61% Increase in Conversions
    48% Increase in Organic Traffic
    92% Increase in Time on Site

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