Regal Boats

Never Come  Back Again

Regal is not so much a boat builder as it is a family who, for generations, has forged deep connections through boating. Union’s crew captured the experience of owning a Regal boat with a multi-award winning video showcasing the call of the water and the unforgettable memories that come with it.

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Charting a  New Course

Completion Date


The family-first Regal leadership wanted to present an unforgettable boating experience to catch the attention and hearts of onlookers while differentiating their product during a dealer event. The key challenge: dealers can be hard to impress.

To help the brand make a memorable statement at the event, we produced an opening video that managed to showcase Regal boats while keeping the excitement and experience of a day on the water in the forefront.


Waves of Memories

Regal has spent generations ensuring the creation of beautiful memories that last a lifetime. With that in mind, we produced the short video to be like a flowing memory, with footage of a day in the life of a boat owner and his family on a North Carolina lake. We crafted a narrative that pinpointed special family memories in the making: teaching the kids to fish, exploring nature, splashing in the waves, roasting marshmallows (don’t you miss that?) among loved ones.

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Making a Splash