Grady White

Exceptional Attention  To Detail

One of the world’s most respected boatbuilding companies was in need of new consumer-facing content that seamlessly captured the features and benefits of their newest models. Union’s Studio team conceived and produced videos that brought the Grady-White experience to life through an authentic look at a day on the water with friends and family.

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As a premium fiberglass boat manufacturer, Grady-White appeals to adventurous boaters looking for a product that emphasizes quality over ostentation. Identifying themselves as a family-focused brand, Grady-White targets owners who love to share their boat with their family, as well as host social outings with friends.

With the release of the 330 Express and Adventure 208 models, Grady-White looked to Union to not only help differentiate their brand from competitors but also distinguish each boat through compelling, relatable content that still addressed key details for consumers: upholstery, size of the helm, functional materials, engine specs and more.

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