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A non-profit organization that works to increase economic opportunity for youth and families wanted to inform and engage the community about the issues they were tackling. Union joined the conversation to add a more strategic digital vision that required a refocus and expansion to better reflect the organization's accomplishments and broader impact.

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January 2019

Leading on Opportunity aims to be an agent of change in response to a 2014 study that ranked Charlotte last in upward mobility on a list of 50 US cities. Although their original website shared the economic report, the brand sought to better connect with the city, promote their efforts and be a connecting force for change.

Understanding the launch of this website would be a focal point for starting conversations toward societal change, Union built an intuitive experience that featured not only the report but personal stories of mobility, news, events and ways to take action. In addition, we optimized the website for SEO to get as many locals involved as possible in this critical community issue.

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