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Regal Marine Industries, a family-first and faith-based boat manufacturer, sought to modernize their online presence, rethink their showcase craft and refresh their brand. Union took the helm of this brand refresh by improving their brand messaging and storytelling, elevating their brand identity and designing and developing a new website and sales app experience.

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Launching Product Differentiation

Completion Date

2014 - 2016

Regal Marine Industries is a world-class boat manufacturer that shares its love of water through its expert designs, quality and care. However far from land a customer may be, Regal believes in launching boats that feel like home. The challenge the brand was facing online was how to best showcase their family of premium products while appealing to a diverse customer base.

When Union was brought on board for the brand refresh, we wanted to familiarize ourselves with the brand and revved up several Regal boats around the inland waters of Florida. Fun? Obviously. Crucial to our understanding of the company? Absolutely. From redesigning the user experience to upgrading the website to setting up promotions about Regal’s features and benefits, we brought our understanding of these differentiators to life across all branded touchpoints.

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Vivid Aesthetic

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