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As a leading heavy truck and engine manufacturer, Volvo Trucks' commitment to safety, fuel efficiency, driver productivity and comfort has won the brand customers the world over. Volvo turned to us to produce a new video series to showcase those great customer relationships.

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Driving Loyalty

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With a vast customer base across North America, it's essential for Volvo Trucks to not only reach new customers but also build brand loyalty with existing customers. In evaluating how new video content could accomplish both, it became clear that by putting the customer at the heart of the story we could nurture that relationship while driving meaningful brand awareness online.

Understanding the need for a production that could be both agile and efficient, our Studio team developed a process that streamlined the planning and execution of each customer story. The end result was new content that could tell the customers' stories, incorporate key features and benefits of Volvo trucks, while having the most impact on our audience.


Strength in Numbers

Since the launch of the “Meet Our Customer” series, Volvo Trucks has seen a significant boost in brand awareness and engagement across its social media channels.