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  • 01 07

    Brand Story


    Cafe Rio is a fast casual restaurant started in 1997 in St. George, Utah. The brand distinguishes itself by ensuring that “every meal is a masterpiece.” Each Cafe Rio location has their own real kitchen where meals are made from scratch on a daily basis using natural, unprocessed ingredients. No freezers. No microwaves. Nothing pre-made. They’re the real deal and people are taking notice - with 100+ locations spread across 10+ states - and growing, they are not to be ignored. This attention to 100% quality ingredients has solidified a fierce loyalty within their customer base.

    Launch Site

    • 02 07

      Challenges & Objectives

      • Communicate Unique Brand Story

        Communicate Unique
        Brand Story

        Highlight Cafe Rio’s declaration of deliciousness and promise of high quality, farm to table, fresh food.

      • Inspire Brand Ambassadorship

        Inspire Brand

        Educate customers on the “why” behind Cafe Rio’s mantra of “every meal is a masterpiece”

      • Increase Online Orders

        Online Orders

        Streamline the ordering user flow to create a more efficient and user-friendly ordering process, for both individual pick-up orders and catering orders

      • Tailored Market Content

        Tailored Content
        Per Market

        Brand expanding into multiple regions, the new platform allows for regional customization of messages including specials, menu and location hours

    • Communicate Unique Brand Story

      Cafe Rio came to UNION to build a digital platform that communicated their unique brand story, highlighting their declaration of deliciousness and promise of high quality, fresh, farm-to-table food throughout the website. The new website accomplishes this through multiple forms of media such as video content, infographics and a blog. Simply by navigating through the site, the customer can obtain an understanding of what makes Cafe Rio unique, but one area that principally highlights this important brand story is the manifesto page. This is an area where the brand can really emphasize to the customer why and how they are different. They reiterate their forever-fresh promise, the importance of their traditional practices and that each and every meal is prepared with love and care.

    • B

      Inspire Brand Ambassadorship

      Another factor Cafe Rio wanted to capitalize on was the importance of brand ambassadorship. They understand that building a base of loyal customers who are willing to share with friends and family what makes Cafe Rio different and great is an important part of gaining new customers and driving sales. They wanted their website to address what makes them unique while engaging the customer and pulling them into the brand story. Their manifesto page did just that. They explain how each ingredient is created daily using traditional methods with examples such as the comal, an essential tool used to cook tortillas in Mexico for over five hundred years; thus, reiterating their focus of freshness and authenticity to their audience.

    • C

      Increase Online Orders

      Cafe Rio wanted to streamline the ordering process to make it more efficient and user-friendly for both individual pick-up orders and catering orders. The new platform has multiple third-party integrations, which provide the Cafe Rio team with the flexibility they need to manage operations internally while simultaneously providing the customer with a near-seamless experience at each and every touch point.

    • Geolocation

      Tailored Market Content

      Since Cafe Rio is actively expanding into multiple regions, the ability to tailor to their audience is imperative. The new platform allows for regional customization of messages including specials, menu and location hours to personalize each user experience.

      As a fairly young brand, one of Cafe Rio’s challenges was breaking into new markets by leveraging their existing brand advocates to help drive awareness and build sales.

  • 03 07

    Wireframes / UX Strategy

    Our UX strategy called for a user experience that focused on making the market localization of multiple messages, specials and hours seamless to the user.

    Cafe Rio
    Cafe Rio
  • 04 07

    Screen Design

    Our strategy called for a design that would include rich media such as video content and infographics, encouraging users to interact and engage with the content. A new brand positioning and visual identity effort was also happening along site of the platform build which allowed both to influence each other.

    Homepage Homepage
    Burritos Burritos
    About Us About Us
    Locations Locations
  • 05 07


  • 06 07


    The Craft CMS was selected as the content management system for this platform. Craft CMS is used by some of the world’s top brands, such as Netflix, Salesforce and Oakley. Craft granted our developers the ability to build custom content modules with sections and custom fields while allowing for front-end design freedom and flexibility. Our team was able to extend the core functionality with the powerful plugin architecture, giving the in-house Cafe Rio team the ability to keep content fresh, and enjoy doing it. An important added extra, this CMS also included the ability to manage a fully-enabled nutrition database component.

    To get customers to engage and be part of the conversation, Cafe Rio used Twine to manage social media aggregation. This gives the consumer the ability to tag their social media posts with specific phrases, then their posts pull into Cafe Rio’s site and the consumer becomes part of the content.

    A third party service was integrated to manage Cafe Rio’s loyalty program, MyRio Rewards. This service allows the user to sign up for and access their MyRio Rewards account which proved to be an opportunity for the user to interact with the site and for Cafe Rio to build brand loyalty.

    Nutrition Calculator Nutrition Calculator screenshot
    Social Media Social Media screenshot
    MyRio Rewards MyRio Rewards screenshot
  • 07 07

    The Results

    This digital platform experience highlights the fun, irreverent Cafe Rio brand story through rich media. The site itself employs uniquely beautiful design and functionality that could put competitors to shame, but the true story of its individuality and success is told through the numbers of increased site engagement.

    28% Increase in Time on Site
    20% Increase in Conversion Rate
    30% Decrease in Bounce Rate

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