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    Breathtaking Performance

    Founded in 1948, Opera Carolina is the largest Opera company in the Carolinas; annually serving more than 70,000 people in North Carolina and South Carolina. In addition to being a source of rich culture and tradition, Opera Carolina also serves as an invaluable cultural and educational resource for the community.

    Launch Site

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      Challenges & Objectives

      Seeking to expand engagement both online and offline, Opera Carolina enlisted the help of UNION. Our team helped chart a clear path to reaching a younger demographic, increasing event awareness and attendance, and inviting exploration of their many offerings.

      • Planning a Visit

        Planning a Visit

        Attending the opera is often viewed as an elaborate and costly experience, making it seem almost inaccessible. Overcoming this belief had proved to be a challenge.

      • For the First-Timers

        For the First-Timers

        Opera Carolina was having trouble attracting new and younger audiences to an art form that is still seen by many as the preserve of old and wealthy patrons.

      • Donation Center

        Donation Center

        They also wanted to increase donations by making the online donation process easier and more convenient.

    • Planning a Visit Screen

      Planning a Visit

      In order to make the opera more accessible, we created a robust Plan Your Visit page that serves as an information portal. Now, visitors can easily find information about the venues, parking options, nearby hotels, as well as recommended restaurants. A clean design and fixed navigation bar make navigating and digesting the information effortless.

    • For the First-Timers Screen

      For the First-Timers

      Despite Opera Carolina’s best efforts, they were running up against a generationally-ingrained stereotype of the opera being a luxury of the super wealthy. To overcome this common misconception, we created an expansive FAQ section that provides answers the most common questions from would-be opera goers.

      The questions are presented using accordion menus. This makes it easier for users to navigate the content and allows them to spend their time more efficiently focused on the questions that are relevant to them.

    • Donation Centers

      Donation Centers

      As the largest professional opera company in the Carolinas, donations play a vital role in Opera Carolina’s continued success. We took several steps to ensure that this new platform would make it easier for users to donate. First, we created a Support Us page that uses clean design and intuitive navigation to highlight the various levels of giving. We also use this page to recognize individual donors and corporate sponsors.

      Second, we made it convenient for users to donate by including a “Donate Now” link in the top navigation of every page and featuring prominent calls-to-action throughout the site. When a user clicks to donate, we display the form using a modal box. This allows us to swiftly show information on the same page the user is currently viewing, thus improving the usability and decreasing unnecessary page reloads.

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    An Experience to Remember

    The new website uses heroic imagery and dramatic copy to create an immersive experience that better reflects the opera experience. Visitors to the homepage are immediately greeted by sensational artwork that draws visitors in to the captivating stories. The intelligent use of white space and bold headlines then guides users to the important information.

    The new site also promotes deeper fan engagement and increases awareness of events by integrating Twitter and Instagram streams. To promote interaction, the streams feature updates that use the hashtag #OperaCarolina.

    An Experience to Remember
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    Opera Carolina’s goals included increasing ticket sales and reaching a much broader audience, especially first-time opera goers. The Ticket Options page provide a great opportunity to accomplish both. In this section, we highlight the wide variety of ticket options available and clearly communicate their message that there is a ticket option for everyone.


    We also created an interactive feature that allows users to explore the Belk Theater. Using beautiful imagery of the theater, users can select a hot spot for each section and discover the range of ticket prices, as well as see what the actual view would be from that section.

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    Fully Responsive

    The new website was designed using responsive design techniques, ensuring that the website automatically adjusts according to the device’s screen size and orientation.

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    The Results

    The new Opera Carolina website brings a visual aesthetic to the digital experience that complements the beauty and detail of the performances. It inspires first-time opera goers to take the leap, casual opera fans to learn more and dedicated opera fans to delve deeper into the organization’s offerings.

    61% Increase in Conversions
    48% Increase in Organic Traffic
    92% Increase in Time on Site

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