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    A Partner You Can Trust

    For more than 20 years, CPI Security has been a leader in customized security and home automation solutions. CPI combines the latest in technology with the industry's best customer service to provide security solutions their customers count on and conveniences they love.

    CPI partnered with UNION to redesign their website and create a digital marketing platform that better reflected the company's personality, while still maintaining its role as a source of lead generation.

    CPI Security

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      Challenges & Objectives

      CPI Security enlisted the UNION team to help them create a digital marketing platform that better reflected their unique value proposition, while still maintaining its role as an effective source of lead generation. One of CPI’s main objectives was to communicate the value they provided beyond simply offering the lowest price. They also needed to compete with larger companies that were entering the market and offering bundling services.

      • Home and Business

        For Home and Business

        Reaching two distinct audiences had proven to be a challenge for CPI. Many of their customers were not even aware that they provided business security solutions.

      • CPI inTouch

        CPI inTouch

        While CPI is committed to using the latest technology, their website had become dated and didn’t properly reflect this commitment to superior quality.

      • CPI Experience

        The CPI Experience

        They also wanted to highlight CPI’s commitment to providing innovative solutions to make their customers' lives safer, easier and more convenient through around the clock monitoring and excellent customer service.

    • Geolocation

      For Home and Business

      Over the years, the CPI name has become synonymous with reliable home security and automation. Unfortunately, this overlooks an important segment of their services — business security. In order to cater to these two diverse audiences, we separated out the services into two distinct homepage experiences. Rather than putting only home security front and center, we gave business security the same treatment.

      For the new website, we also used a clean and modern design to better showcase CPI’s custom solutions, incorporating interactive elements to highlight the features included with inTouch Business.

    • CPI inTouch

      CPI’s inTouch app uses the latest technology to allow customers to control their security system, lights, doors, camera and energy usage from anywhere. In order to reflect this cutting-edge technology, we used a clean design that allows the technology to be prominently featured.

      We also used interactive features and iconography to showcase how the various technologies can be integrated into the home. This allows users to get a better understanding of the conveniences that CPI’s inTouch app provides.

    • Location

      The CPI Experience

      In order to highlight CPI’s commitment to providing solutions that make their customers’ lives safer, easier and more convenient, we used a cleaner design that utilized vivid imagery and bold headlines. We also incorporated video throughout this section to help tell their brand story.

  • Technology

    In order to communicate CPI Security’s value beyond offering the lowest price, we decided to highlight the superior technology they provided, as well as the robust nature of their packages.

    To accomplish this, we featured high resolution images of their state of the art equipment. We also created several interactive features that showcased how this advanced technology could be used throughout the home.

    CPI Security CPI Security
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    User Experience

    Another important element of accomplishing all of CPI Security’s objectives was to provide a significantly improved user experience. It was important that we told the brand story in a way that also allowed potential customers to easily find the information they needed and provide clear pathways for action.

    Fixed Navigation Bar

    The new website also uses a fixed navigation bar, which means that it displays a toolbar that stays in place while the user is scrolling down the web page. This design pattern guarantees that important interface components are easily viewable and accessible. This is also an effective way to ensure that the phone number and call to action are always visible, regardless of where the user is on the page.

    CPI Security
  • Device screenshots

    Responsive Web Design

    The new website was designed using responsive design techniques, ensuring that the website automatically adjusts according to the device’s screen size and orientation. This gives the user a browsing experience tailored to their device.

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    The Results

    The final product is a clean, elegant and modern looking digital marketing platform that more effectively conveys the quality of CPI Security's products and services. It also provides a more intuitive user experience, making it easy to navigate through all of the various offerings.

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    From Website
    52% Increase in
    Organic Traffic
    10% Increase in Average
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