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    AFM Land Sales and its parent company, American Forest Management, Inc., have a lot of experience buying and selling land. However, they are not your typical realtor with a nice pair of boots. They manage more than 4.7 million acres of privately-owned timberland throughout the Pacific Northwest, Northeast, Lake States, Appalachian and Southeast regions of the United States and have sold over $1.5 million worth of land. With more than 250 employees operating from 49 offices in 16 states, AFM is a leader in forestry, large land tract development, timberland and farming assessments, conservation and recreational/hunting evaluations.

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      Challenges & Objectives

      AFM looked to the UNION team to help them create a comprehensive real estate management tool that allows buyers to navigate the website in a way tailored more specifically to land sales.

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        Smart Location Listings

        AFM needed help communicating the robust range of services it offered.

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        Advanced Search

        Buyers needed a search feature that catered to their unique needs.

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        Location Detail

        AFM needed a way to feature each each tract of land and tell its unique story.

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      Clearly Communicate AFM’s Service Offerings

      In order to clearly communicate the broad range of services AFM offers, we created a Primary Navigation element that takes users to a Services page. This page uses vivid imagery and iconography to highlight AFM’s expertise in land management, timber sales, appraisals, environmental consulting and wildlife management consulting services.

    • Advanced Search

      Positioning AFM as a Market Leader

      In order to position it as a leading land sale company, UNION created a website that further distinguishes AFM with a modern design that enhances the brand’s sophistication with a clean interface and functionality.

    • Location Detail

      Location Detail

      To better tell each tract’s unique story, UNION incorporated video, rich imagery and various map views, allowing users to better understand the unique topographic makeup of each parcel. We also created a flexible framework that allows for robust storytelling, location directions and property types and usages. To further enhance these pages, an algorithm was also created that shows users similar listings based on these unique features.

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    Owning Land

    Land Ownership

    In order to help educate land owners and establish AFM as a trusted source for information, we created a “Land Ownership” page. This page uses vivid imagery and intuitive navigation to highlight the variety of benefits land ownership has to offer. Using a click-to-scroll feature, users can easily navigate through each section, inviting them to explore the content.

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    Intuitive User Experience

    Since buying and selling land is very different than buying or selling a home, we created a more intuitive user experience that catered to their specific needs. Unlike traditional real estate buyers, users looking to purchase large tracts of land usually have specific types and usages in mind. To accommodate this need, we created a system that allows users to search in a variety of ways, including by location and property type.

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    Fully Responsive

    With more than half of websites being accessed on mobile devices, we sought to accommodate AFM’s customers by creating an experience that adapts to any device, regardless of screen size. This allows AFM to seamlessly conduct business wherever their customers are located.

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    The Results

    The result is a modern website that effectively elevates the AFM brand and provides a unique user experience that is tailored specifically to buying and selling large tracts of land, regardless of the device being used.

    3,300 Average Monthly
    Property Searches
    5,000 Average New Monthly Users
    40 Average Monthly Property
    Inquiry/Lead Form Submissions

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