Services Integrated Campaigns

The digital space offers targeted, effective and efficient ways to reach customers wherever they are.

Brands are constantly looking for ways to put their message in front of the right audience more efficiently. Using custom methods and precise analytics, digital marketing is able to reach customers more directly than in any traditional medium.

Our team creates and manages integrated digital campaigns, using an array of tactics like search, display, email and social media. While building brand awareness within a highly targeted audience, our campaigns reinforce messaging and drive qualified traffic to a brand’s digital experience.

Integrated Campaigns

Campaign Concepts

As each brand has its own story to tell, all branded campaigns must be grounded in a larger creative concept that invites and engages the consumer to hear that story. Our team helps craft user-centric campaigns anchored by a guiding creative concept that amplifies a brand message across channels, conveying that message to a targeted audience in a rich, enduring interaction.

Digital Media Planning

In the digital landscape, brands can be easily overwhelmed by options and at risk of spending their marketing dollars in the wrong media and channels. At UNION we plan every digital campaign to maximize value, exploring digital media options in order to allocate budgets across optimum channels to ensure that campaigns are both cost-effective and successful.