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UNION is a Google Adwords Certified Partner Agency located in Charlotte, NC that creates and manages targeted digital marketing campaigns to drive highly qualified visitors to our clients’ websites.

All websites and businesses are different and have their own unique challenges and goals when it comes to digital marketing campaigns. For some businesses, the goal will be to generate leads online while other e-commerce businesses will be focused on driving online sales. With that in mind, our talented team of campaign managers dive into these goals and develop a strategy to ensure that measurable and quantifiable results are achieved.

Our Google Certified campaign managers will develop a comprehensive digital marketing plan across a number of tactics including pay-per-click search marketing, display advertising, retargeting or remarketing, social media advertising and targeted email marketing.

Our expertise across all of these channels and our proven digital marketing campaign process ensures that we are constantly refining our approach and improving the performance of the campaigns. Through ongoing analysis and optimization, clients can expect increases in ROI and a measurable impact on their business goals and bottom line.

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We specialize in:

  • Google AdWords Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)

  • Bing/Yahoo Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)

  • Google AdWords Targeted Display Advertising

  • Google AdWords Behavioral Remarketing

  • Targeted Facebook Demographic Advertising

  • Targeted LinkedIn Demographic Advertising

  • Targeted Email List Acquisition and Deployment

Digital marketing campaigns are becoming more important than ever, and the ability to track and understand the value of every dollar spent makes them much more attractive to businesses than traditional media advertising. To learn more about how UNION has helped some of the Southeast’s top brands with their digital marketing needs, visit our case studies section.


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Case Studies

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UNION is a digital-first agency. We create experiences that help businesses thrive.

We believe in order to reach and engage with today's highly-connected consumers, all successful marketing programs should lead with digital. The experiences we create dutifully align with our client's objectives and goals — and deliver measurable results.

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