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Every screen is an opportunity to communicate a brand’s story and build enduring relationships with highly connected consumers.

In today’s age, consumers make more and more of their decisions online, demanding brand’s communicate their message in new and exciting ways. Every brand needs digital experiences that tell its unique story and engages with consumers in impactful ways. To be relevant, these experiences must be innovative, insightful and user-friendly.

Our team crafts digital experiences with thoughtful UI/UX design and smart technology, ensuring the story being told is memorable, powerful and on-brand.

Digital Experiences


Succeeding in the digital marketplace presents a unique set of challenges and requirements for any brand. We address key components of e-commerce, such as product inventory, payment information and security through a variety of leading platforms, giving brand’s the stability and resources they need to effectively compete online.

Digital Content

Simply said, a brand and its platforms are nothing without compelling and dynamic content. Whether it is through copy, photography or video, UNION develops content that is relevant and original, that tells a brand’s story and enriches the consumer’s digital experience.

Digital Products

In today’s marketplace, all brands must consider themselves a tech-driven company. Those that seamlessly integrate software and technology within their digital experience are the ones that disrupt industries, lead markets and engage consumers. Our team partners with brands to design innovative digital products that are on-brand and experience-driven, augmenting consumer interaction and increasing brand loyalty.

Digital Installations

Today’s consumers expect more from every touchpoint, whether digital or physical, and brands must answer those customers by offering engaging, innovative digital experiences in the physical world. UNION applies the latest in technology and design to bring a branded digital experience into stores, trade shows, events, and more, giving consumers a stronger connection between the digital and physical marketplace.