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Email marketing is a cost effective marketing solution that helps brands actively engage with their customer base. Whether their focus is consumer goods and services, sports and entertainment or restaurants and retail, email marketing is vital to reaching a brand's goals.

An email marketing strategy is more than simply sending out email blasts once per quarter. It is a thoughtful strategy that is consistently optimized through data analysis. A comprehensive email marketing strategy will help brands answer these questions:

  • What time of day is best to send emails?
  • What is a strong click thru rate?
  • Which emails yield the most traffic?
  • Which emails yield the most revenue?
  • How do brands continue to grow their email list?

In today’s mobile world, the majority of customers are checking emails from their smartphones while on the go. Are you prepared to reach consumers on their mobile phones? This includes ensuring emails are mobile-friendly as well making sure messaging is optimized for mobile devices.

For brands in need of a strategic email marketing partner, contact UNION. Our team of designers, developers and marketers will create a customized email program built to drive results.

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