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UNION is a digital marketing agency located in Charlotte, NC that creates and manages targeted digital content marketing efforts designed to drive highly qualified visitors to a brand's website and platforms.

Content tells visitors who a brand is, encourages users to explore a site and helps establish a brand as a trusted expert in its field. It is the strength of this content that will be largely responsible for attracting visitors to a digital experience, pulling in valuable search traffic and earning the attention of potential customers.

We create content that strategically connects customers and prospects with experiences that deliver value and show buyers that the brand understand them, in a style that tells the brand's story and inspires action.

Our content services are customized to fit a brand's unique objectives and ensure that the right content is reaching the right customers. Below are a few examples of the ongoing content services we provide.

Content Strategy Development

Typically, the first step is to conduct a content audit. By collecting and assessing a brand's existing assets, we can identify gaps in messaging and discover new opportunities to repurpose existing content.

Once that is complete, UNION works with the brand to identify campaign goals and their corresponding metrics. We then brainstorm, concept and define a content strategy that is tailored to the brand's specific needs and marketing calendar. Our in-depth content strategy process helps to ensure that we go to market with content that will meet the brand's overarching marketing objectives. 

Weekly Blog Posts

Regularly updating a site with original, engaging and relevant content is a simple way to engage your target audience and drive users towards new updates and information. Blog posts not only allow brands to position themselves as a market leader, but provide an opportunity to expand search engine optimization efforts and increase page ranking.

Blog posts also reflect the various voices of a brand and their unique approach, as well as the overall culture of its workplace and workforce.

Social Media Management

Social media remains one of the more active ways for brands to find and interact with consumers online. 

UNION’s social media management services enables brands to effectively utilize social platforms to increase brand awareness and drive consumer loyalty. By crafting and implementing a comprehensive social strategy based on marketing goals and a brand's unique voice, our team helps the brand's presence grow and manage their communities across multiple platforms. These engagements result in more meanginful interactions with consumers and a more loyal customer base.  

Monthly Content Reports

UNION also provides detailed monthly content reports, which allows brands to monitor the effectiveness of their digital strategy and ensure that they are on track to meet marketing goals. These reports highlight the actions taken during the month and identify their impacts and value. While ongoing content creation focuses on long-term strategies to organically grow a brand's website, these monthly reports provide valuable insights and allow our team to make the necessary adjustments to optimize performance.

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UNION is a digital-first agency. We create experiences that help businesses thrive.

We believe in order to reach and engage with today's highly-connected consumers, all successful marketing programs should lead with digital. The experiences we create dutifully align with our client's objectives and goals — and deliver measurable results.

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