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Digital destinations that tell your brand’s unique story

When crafting digital marketing platforms – whether a fully enabled corporate platform, branded mobile app, touchscreen kiosk or a product microsite – we begin by immersing ourselves in our client’s business. With deep insight into their marketing challenges, opportunities and differentiators, we craft powerful brand stories and achievable strategic plans that inform our work. These allow us to craft engaging digital marketing platforms that align with our client’s business objectives and deliver meaningful results.

Throughout our five-phase platform process, we unify thoughtful strategy, superior creative and smart technology. This process not only helps us create the best possible digital marketing platforms, but also enables truly collaborative partnerships with our clients. Select a phase below to learn more about this process:



In our discovery phase, we immerse ourselves in our client's business to gain a clear understanding of their unique culture and brand. We start with a kick-off meeting to discuss their business objectives and goals. Afterwards we research their industry, market landscape and direct competitors. We analyze the behaviors of their target audiences, uncover consumer trends and work to understand what motivates their customers. Fully understanding this big picture gives us the insight and knowledge necessary to identify potential marketing opportunities and challenges. With our unique perspective and specialized expertise, we compile our research and insights into a creative brief document. This creative brief outlines their brand’s key marketing messages, challenges and goals as well as their target audience and competitors. This document is used as a benchmarking tool and sets the foundation of our work as we proceed with the project.


With the creative brief in hand, we move into our strategy phase where our thoughtful strategists work to define our overarching digital strategy for the new platform. We divide this phase into two parts; the content strategy and the functional strategy. The content strategy focuses on what content should live on the platform and how that content should be organized to communicate key messages and unique value propositions. We create a site map diagram to illustrate the platform’s hierarchy and craft a content outline to determine what content is needed for each page. The functional strategy focuses on how the platform should work and what features will need to be developed to support the overarching business objectives. We create wireframes to visualize the user experience, and a platform requirements document (PRD) to provide a detailed description of each technical feature of the platform. Collectively, these four deliverables define an achievable strategic plan to deliver on our client’s overall business objectives and direct our work in the following three phases.


Once we have our strategy in place, we move into our creative phase where we work to establish the visual design and written content of the new platform. Our talented designers craft visual layouts that match the UX strategy and brand personality. We collaborate closely with our clients until a final design direction has been established. Working from the content outline, our copywriters craft powerful content to tell our client’s brand story, highlight key messages and incorporate SEO friendly keywords. We present, revise and collaborate with our clients until we have a final draft of the written content.


After our creative phase is complete we begin our technology phase. In this phase we bring our thoughtful strategy and superior creative to life with smart technology. Our talented developers use the latest techniques and established best-practices to build the new digital marketing platform. We integrate a fully-enabled content management system (CMS) so that our client can edit the content of the platform. We use SEO best-practices and optimize each page with unique title tags, meta descriptions and URLs to ensure they are properly search engine optimized. We create a staging version of the platform that passes through a series of rigorous quality assurance tests tailored specifically to the platform. These tests ensure that all functionality is working properly and that all requirements align with the project goals.


After the technology phase is complete we coordinate with our client to launch the new platform. During this planning period, the project team works to confirm an appropriate date and time for launch, keeping in mind brand objectives, holidays, and other key dates. At this point, the technology team launches the final staging site to the live production site and a final series of quality assurance testing is completed for the live site.

From here, our clients typically engage UNION to drive traffic to the new platform by generating ongoing digital marketing content and executing digital marketing campaigns.


Traffic acquisition campaigns that focus on driving conversions

The digital marketing campaigns we create and manage drive large numbers of highly qualified visitors to our clients' websites and converts that traffic into measurable results. Using tactics like SEO, PPC, social media, email marketing and display advertising, we help our clients fully leverage the unique opportunities the digital space offers.

Our digital marketing campaign process uses accurate real–time data to constantly track, analyze and optimize how our individual tactics and overarching campaign are preforming. These quantifiable metrics allow us to constantly refine our approach so we can consistently improve performance to increase our clients’ ROI. Select a phase below to learn more about this ongoing, cycle-based process:



As a Google Certified Agency Partner we leverage their industry-leading technology to track how users interact with and respond to the digital marketing campaigns we create and manage, in real–time. Unlike traditional advertising campaigns, digital marketing allows us to easily monitor and quantify particular strategies and tactics.


Our team evaluates the real–time analytics we track in order to quickly identify the most effective components of the digital marketing campaign and the elements that need improvement. We look deep into the data to uncover trends and insights that we will use to inform our optimization strategies.


Based on our analysis, we strategize how to improve on the various components of the digital marketing campaign. We A/B split test and constantly deploy new and modified components to consistently improve performance. These small ongoing optimizations and tests yield big results and help our clients maximize their return on investment.


Finally, and before we start the cycle over again, we deliver a report and executive summary detailing the campaign’s performance. While we report all key performance indicators, we mainly focus in on the cost-per-conversion metric. Before we launch a new campaign we always establish a target cost-per-conversion goal with our client. This is a benchmarking target that we agree upfront signifies success and both use to evaluate the performance of the campaign.