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  • 01 08


    Hendrick Motorsports is a NASCAR racing powerhouse, consistently reaching and leading the front of the pack and winning championships. Its roster of talent includes driving superstars Jeff Gordon, Jimmie Johnson, Dale Earnhardt, Jr. and Kasey Kahne. The brand had lots of great stories and content to offer, but their digital presence was stuck in idle. Website user engagement was low and the overall digital experience did not reflect the stature of NASCAR’s most successful team.

    The team knew they could be doing so much more with their drivers, fans, sponsors and stories. That is when Hendrick Motorsports approached UNION to enhance and elevate their digital presence.

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  • The Most Respected Team in NASCAR

    Since 1984, Hendrick Motorsports has collected a NASCAR record 11 owner and team championships and well over 200 wins in NASCAR's Sprint Cup Series.

  • 02 08

    Personalizing the Fan Experience

    As part of our discovery process, UNION worked with Hendrick Motorsports and LGA, an advertising agency, to research what fans wanted from NASCAR team websites. Essentially, fans tracked the results of races in the media and were not necessarily looking for Hendrick Motorsports to recommunicate NASCAR racing news. Hendrick’s fans desired a deeper content experience from the team, its high-profile driver personalities, the race infield and their pits. They wanted behind-the-scenes content that the national sports media outlets couldn’t access.

    5 24 48 88

    Highlighting Hendrick’s four feature drivers (aka 5, 24, 48 and 88) within one platform would require a collaborative and creative approach — allowing fans to feel like they are part of the team that they love as well as providing them with a unique, insider experience to the complete Hendrick lineup.

  • 03 08


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    Content-Focused Approach

    Coming out of our discovery phase, it was clear that for the new digital platform to be successful, our strategy would have to focus on rapid publishing of high-value team content. In essence, the new Hendrick Motorsports would be required to evolve into a flexible, digital publishing and content platform.

    Thankfully, Hendrick Motorsports has a tremendous media and public relations department that constantly generates rich and engaging content about its team and drivers. UNION crafted a strategy that would highlight recent content and make it easy to access the large amounts of content created by internal groups. If we could accomplish these tasks, Hendrick Motorsports’ fans would experience the website of their desires, which would encourage repeat visits and increase digital and social engagement. Happy and engaged fans, along with a platform that would create new marketing opportunities for the brand and its sponsors, equal a win in our books.

    Planning the Framework

    We organized the Hendrick Motorsports platform with an easy-to-use navigational structure to increase fan engagement, streamline content delivery and fulfill the experience that racing fans desired.

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  • 04 08

    Designing the Experience

    UNION designed a dynamic digital platform that delivers a highly functional, content-rich experience. It encourages fans to explore the unique stories of Hendrick Motorsports teams, its history, its unique company culture, and an extensive rich media library.

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    Robust Publishing Platform

    We designed a more robust editorial platform that focuses more on the content and visuals. We used a unique grid layout that allows the Hendrick team to highlight certain posts. We also incorporated an endless scroll feature on the article detail pages to provides users with a seamless reading experience. Finally, we created an interactive race schedule that allows fans to immerse themselves in each race.

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  • 05 08

    Mobile App

    With the explosion of mobile devices at events over the past five years, Hendrick recognized the strategic value of delivering content to its fans on their phones and tablets.

    The UNION team created one of the first racing team app experiences for both iOS and Android — a slimmer version of the main digital platform sharing the same great look and content. Then we added a few more special features just for smartphone users.

    iPhone screenshot
    iPhone screenshot
    App Store - 4.5 Stars
    Available on the App Store Available on Google Play
  • 06 08

    Celebrating 200 Wins

    To help Hendrick Motorsports prepare for its inevitable 200th win, we created a microsite experience that would celebrate Hendrick Motorsports’ history. Essentially, UNION designed the future through highlighting their past, which we loved!

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    A Tradition of Excellence

    Conceived around the concept “A Tradition of Excellence,” the team at UNION created a microsite that incorporates full-screen images, video, sound clips and news articles. The immersive experience highlights Hendrick’s greatest moments and encourages users to explore their rich history through their drivers, cars, wins and other important milestones.

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    iPad screenshot
    iPad screenshot
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  • 07 08

    100 Years in the Making

    To mark a century of excellence, Hendrick and UNION teamed up again to create a promotion and microsite celebrating Chevrolet's 100th Anniversary.

    100 Days of Prizes

    Our designers and developers worked together to create promotional ads and a contest entry portal that not only highlighted the class of Chevrolet and Hendrick but also gave fans a simple platform to enter the contest and to share the opportunity through social media. We were just disappointed we were not eligible for the 100 days of prizes and giveaways!

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  • “UNION helped transform every aspect of our digital presence, allowing us to engage with fans, partners and members of the media in completely new and exciting ways. We had high expectations, and UNION exceeded them by working extremely hard to understand our brand and employ creative solutions. They continue to be valuable partners as we evolve our digital strategy.”
  • 08 08

    The Results

    The Hendrick Motorsports digital platform experience has been recognized for both its muscle and its flexibility. Based on the increased site engagement, we think the fans like it too.

    302% Time On Site
    344% Pageview
    85% Bounce Rate

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