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  • 01 07


    Introduced in 1992, Cosamin is the #1 most researched glucosamine/ chondroitin brand for joint health, proven to work at the cellular level to help promote joint comfort. A family-owned company and sold in stores nationwide, Cosamin offers multiple formulas that help those struggling with joint discomfort regain mobility and the active lifestyle they desire. With a revolutionary formula developed by a pharmacist, they were early leaders in their industry, and as other competitors have entered the marketplace, Cosamin still stands alone as the premium joint health supplement brand.

    By 2016 the brand was seeking new strategies to help increase their position in the marketplace and decided to shift their spending from television advertisements into digital. UNION was chosen to partner with Cosamin in order to build out a comprehensive digital marketing plan that would help them overcome their challenges and achieve key marketing goals.

    • 02 07


      • Premium Price

        Premium Price

        Cosamin supplements cost nearly 2x the price of several other generic brands. This lower price point was a major consideration for some consumers, who weren't aware of the benefits of a proven, quality supplement.

      • Legal Restrictions

        Legal Restrictions

        Complicated legal requirements within the industry drastically limits how the brand can market and talk about their product, requiring creative content planning and execution.

      • Target Audience

        Target Audience

        Being mostly over the age of 50, their demographic has unique media consumption habits that demand complex strategies in order to reach, engage and inspire conversions.

      • E-Commerce vs Retail

        E-Commerce vs Retail

        Due to distribution logistics, Cosamin had a limited e-commerce experience and needed to use digital marketing to drive customers to retail partner locations.

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      Understanding the challenges that Cosamin faced, UNION worked with the brand to arrive at the central goals to accomplish through this new digital strategy.

      • Drive Retail Sales

        Drive Retail Sales

        Utilize online campaigns to unify the customer journey and drive offline sales.

      • Increase Awareness

        Increase Awareness

        Establish and promote the Cosamin brand, its value and products amongst key buyer personas.

      • Enhance Digital Experience

        Enhance Digital Experience

        Optimize web site and create landing pages and content to reinforce E-commerce platforms.

      • Build Customer Loyalty

        Build Customer Loyalty

        Proactively foster more enduring relationships with customers that rewards brand support.

  • 04 07

    Media Plan

    To accomplish these objectives, we started by researching and understanding the customer journey, mapping out the digital behaviors of Cosamin’s targeted audience. Research showed 49% of Boomers used digital sources for health information with Boomers & Seniors spending more time online than watching TV. By identifying core buyer personas we were able to target customers at all stages of the purchase cycle, from initial research to comparison shopping between brands. This allowed us to build a comprehensive media plan that took advantage of a variety of channels and tactics.

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    Our strategy involved several key digital tactics that would put the brand in front of their targeted audience time and again.

    Whether it was improving SEO performance, interacting directly with consumers on social or promoting content on relevant third-party outlets, our campaigns increased brand exposure and guided users to convert.

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    Social Social
  • 06 07


    Partnering with the brand’s internal development team, we made recommendations for their new site to optimize the page layout and improve content performance.

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    Our website recommendations repositioned content to highlight the brand's story and prioritizes the most relevant value propositions with clearer CTAs, increasing conversion rates and driving offline sales. The overall design not only offers a more thoughtful UX, but also reflects the look and feel of our campaigns, ensuring a consistent brand experience across all touchpoints.

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    The Results

    In just a month after implementation, Cosamin saw results exceed previous advertising efforts at a fraction of the cost. The result of our work has meant greater customer engagement, increased buyer intent and an influx of new visitors.

    74% Increase In Goal Completion
    142% Increase In Site Visits
    136% Increase In New Visitors

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