How Travel & Tourism Brands Should Use Buyer Personas and Customer Journey Maps to Increase Revenue

According to ITSMA, travelers going through the buying process are 48% more likely to consider travel and tourism brands that personalize their marketing. The more a guest can see themselves reflected in your brand’s marketing messages, the more that message will resonate with that guest and the greater the chance that guest will convert with a booking or sale.

As an independent and creative performance marketing agency, we’ve helped travel and tourism brands improve their marketing ROI by personalizing their marketing efforts with two crucial tools:

  1. Buyer Personas

  2. Customer Journey Maps

In this whitepaper, you’ll learn:

  • The difference between target customers and buyer personas (and what that difference means for your bottom line).

  • The ideal number of different buyer personas your travel and tourism brand needs to define to ensure marketing success with your audience.

  • The core aspects and attributes you should use to define buyer personas that convert.

  • How to use data to build your buyer personas based on facts (not assumptions).

  • The optimal method to align your marketing efforts with your buyer personas’ customer journey to improve marketing ROI.

Download the white paper.