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    The Survival Guide for Retailers in the Direct-to-Consumer Era

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    Today, it’s a competition to see who can offer shoppers the most convenience online, in-store and every touchpoint in between.

    Harry’s, a once-digitally native brand of refined razors and well-made grooming products for men, just sold to Edgewell Personal Care for 1.37 billion dollars. The high dollar buyout is yet another reminder that the retail industry is changing. Gone are the days where the shopping experience is confined to brick and mortar stores and limited to products that distributors expect to sell best on shelves.

    One of the reasons DTC brands like Harry’s have become so wildly popular in the retail space is because they’ve embraced the technological shift. DTC brands have been able to curate an experience for shoppers where less selection is more and markups are virtually non existent.

    In our white paper, Retail, Disrupted: The Survival Guide for Retailers in the Direct-to-Consumer Era, our experts discuss the omnichannel strategies retailers are using to not only compete against DTC brands and the Almighty Amazon, but take back lost market share.

    Download our white paper to learn:

    • The best way to market your private label product lines.
    • What the in-store advantage is and how to leverage it.
    • Why a mix of online and offline efforts can net maximized ROI.

    Download the white paper.