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    Food & Beverage Brands: Driving Growth in a COVID and Post-COVID World

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    The state of the COVID and post-COVID food & beverage consumer

    COVID-19's impact on the global food & beverage industry will be felt for years to come. Around the world, food & beverage brands and companies are having to retool their go-to-market strategy to meet the evolving needs of the COVID and post-COVID consumer.

    While some shoppers are returning to their local brick-and-mortar stores, many experts agree that the consumer behavior, purchasing habits and consumer lifestyle changes seen during the first several months of the pandemic will continue to impact growth and revenue well into the next year. Already, 24% of US consumers say that they aren't anticipating a return to normal until the summer of 2021, if even then.

    What does this mean for your F&B brand? How do you stay relevant and engage with consumers in COVID and post-COVID world?

    We wondered the same thing, so we partnered with Google's team of researchers and data scientists. We augmented their findings with our own third-party research.

    The key takeaways and strategic observations from this research have been summarized in this whitepaper: Driving Growth in a COVID and Post-COVID World: What Food & Beverage CPG Brands Need to Know About Changing Consumer Trends to Secure Success in 2021.

    With this whitepaper, you'll uncover:

    • 3 Ways COVID-19 Has Impacted Consumer Buying Behavior
    • How COVID Consumers Are Leveraging Digital Tools and Systems to Support Their Lifestyle
    • Common Customer Experience Mistakes That Could Be Costing You the Sale
    • The Rise in Contactless Delivery and In-Store Pickup – and What It Means for Your F&B Brand
    • The Key Components of A 2021 Post-COVID Marketing Strategy and How to Adapt Your Marketing Plan To Meet The Needs Of A Post-COVID Consumer

    This whitepaper also includes our recommendations for leveraging these findings to adapt your marketing strategy to this new normal.

    As a performance-driven marketing agency, we believe that the F&B brands that can capitalize on this direct-to-consumer paradigm shift are the ones that will thrive in 2021. Here are our insights and recommendations to help your brand do just that.

    Download the white paper.