Culture 2

About This Position

Are you an experienced visual storyteller with a passion for bringing content to life?

Senior Motion Design

    • 5+ years of motion design for leading brands

    • Bachelor’s Degree in Design/Motion Design or related field

    • Meticulous attention to details and overall product quality

    • An expert at crafting beautiful motion design and editorial content

    • Ability to concept and design for motion graphics

    • Ability to succeed in a fast-paced environment

    • A conceptual thinker with a strong understanding of animation and design principles such as layout, typography, and color theory

    • Instinct to lead with vision and creative inspiration

    • Strong knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite – especially After Effects

    • Knowledge of Maxon Cinema 4D, Houdini, or other comparable 3D software is required.

    • Knowledge of DaVinci Resolve

    • Experience with VFX compositing, tracking, rotoscoping, and color

    • Genuinely nice and kind personality; great collaboration skills

What we’re looking for

Over the years, Union has built an open and fun environment around our six core values; Creativity, Innovation, Collaboration, Kindness, Passion, and Hard Work. Therefore, regardless of the position, we are looking for people to join the team that have:

    • Execute innovative creative approaches that support project objectives and drive results

    • Work closely with the team to bring new ideas to life

    • Inspire, motivate, and mentor other motion designers to create remarkable motion work

    • Balance multiple clients and projects across the agency

    • Foster progressive thought and always push creative boundaries

    • A passion for digital marketing and your discipline

    • Able to speak off the cuff on the work both creatively and technically