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Every online form, button, link and view creates a data point that is an insight into consumer behavior.

Brands that understand and leverage these insights are the ones that succeed in today’s digital marketplace. A major advantage of digital marketing is the abundance of valuable data that it generates. However, that data only becomes valuable when it is properly analyzed to identify behavioral trends and actionable insights.

Our team understands the importance of data-based marketing and the power of analytics to create real recommendations that improve digital performance. Through in-depth analysis across all digital touchpoints and channels, we are able to monitor trends and glean insights to adjust strategies, optimize campaigns and enhance experiences.

Data & Analytics

Marketing Analytics Reporting

Digital marketing creates an abundance of data across numerous platforms. The ability to organize and synthesize that data into comprehensive and ongoing reports is a critical first step to optimizing performance. In our reporting, we immerse ourselves in data and look beyond the surface of analytics to establish benchmarks and assess where there is real potential for growth.

Data-Based Insights

No matter how accurate and in-depth analytics can be, success in marketing always comes down to decision making. Our team identifies trends and analyzes key performance indicators to generate data-based insights that give brands the clarity of hindsight and open a window into what is likely to happen. These insights can optimize the performance of campaigns and experiences.

Data Visualization

As data becomes increasingly relevant to brands and consumers, the consumption and clear understanding of that data has never been more essential. At UNION we design and develop rich, interactive visualizations to help both brand and consumer recognize the data that is most pertinent to them.