Early last month, Google launched a redesign and restructuring of their stats service, Google Analytics. The new look is the combination of Urchin, the acquistion that birthed Analytics, and Measure Map. Jeffrey Veen, formerly of Adaptive Path/Measure Map, lead the design team responsible for the complete rehaul. The focus was to take the daunting task of navigating the immense amount of detail in Analytics and make it more intuitive. Now, I'm not going to list all of the new features here (there are many lists already out there). The only point I want to make is to say that the Google Analytics redesign was successful, in my book. It's inspirational to see that a small team can take the amount of information generated by something as complicated as web stats and make it effortless, digestible and visually appealing. If anything, that success echoes the fundamental goals of design.

Now they just need to do something about that account home page!