For all of you keeping track out there, Mashable is reporting that Nielsen has officially crowned Android winner of summer 2011, outselling iOS two to one. It’s a pretty impressive number until you consider this one: 10-4. That’s October 4th, next Tuesday, when Apple will announce its long awaited, much anticipated iPhone 5.

Rumors have been swirling about the iPhone 5 since at least February when Verizon finally got the iPhone 4 and all the tech blogs told you to save your money and wait for the iPhone 5 which was sure to arrive in late summer or early fall. And arrive it will, next week. The truly interesting thing about this report is the dismal state of the BlackBerry market. BlackBerry accounted for about 18% of those surveyed and only 9% of those surveyed bought one in the last three months. Ouch.

Stay tuned for another report from the frontlines of the iOS wars about a month or so from now when Apple announces record-breaking sales for the iPhone 5. And then stay tuned about a month or so after that when Amazon announces record-breaking sales of their Android-powered Kindle Fire. The saga continues.

Image courtesy of: Julien Mosciatti